Omaha Client Gets Toyota Tundra Audio System Upgrade

Omaha Client Gets Toyota Tundra Audio System Upgrade

Jul 30th 2018

A client from Omaha recently visited Stereo West Autotoys to talk about upgrading his 2018 Toyota Tundra audio system. Although his 1794 Edition truck looks great with its Silver Sky Metallic paint, 20-inch wheels and premium leather interior, its JBL sound system simply doesn’t offer the performance a true audio enthusiast expects. We had a look at the vehicle and discussed the features the client wanted to improve. After auditioning several products in our showroom, we put together a plan to make this Tundra stereo system sound great!


Step 1 – Add a Subwoofer

The first upgrade that most clients want is improved bass performance. The client wanted a subwoofer system that would play nice and deep while still having the ability to be cranked up when it suited him. We installed a JL Audio SB-T-TCMAX/10TW3 Stealthbox behind the rear seat as our solution. This subwoofer system is constructed specifically for 2014 and newer Tundra CrewMax models and is home to a pair of 10TW3 shallow-mount subwoofers.

Step 2 – Add an Amplifier

The next step in making any factory-installed audio system sound better is to add an amplifier to the system. As we planned to upgrade the door speakers in this Tundra, the client opted for one of JL Audio’s HD900/5 five-channel system amplifiers. The HD900/5 can produce up to 100 watts to each of its four main channels and 500 watts to the subwoofer channel. The amplifier’s Class-D design provides excellent efficiency and allows the amp to fit comfortably in the vehicle. We added an remote level control to the dash so the client can easily adjust the bass level.

Step 3 – Upgrade the Speakers

The last step on this Toyota Tundra audio upgrade project was to replace the front and rear speakers. The client chose JL Audio’s C5-650 6.5-inch components for both the front and back. These premium components include silk-dome tweeters for smooth and natural high-frequency reproduction and mineral-damped polypropylene woofer cones for clear and detailed midrange performance.

Toyota Tundra Audio System Tuning

With all the equipment installed, the last step was to configure the sensitivity controls to work with the factory source unit and adjust the crossovers for the chosen speakers. The result? The client loves the way the stereo sounds! He can crank it up without it distorting, and the bass is deep and solid. If you’re in the Omaha or Elkhorn area, drop into one of the Stereo West Autotoys locations to find out how we can make your stereo system sound better. For more information, give us a call or send an e-mail using our contact page.