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Putting In-Car Navigation Safely within Your Reach

Can you imagine a world without GPS technology to get you to your destination?

It's tough to remember, but it wasn't all that long ago when drivers traded in their street atlases for internet maps and portable GPS devices. Now finding your way is easier than it's ever been with complete in-dash navigation and entertainment systems that can be installed into any vehicle.
But Why Can't I just Use my Cell Phone??

We agree — your smartphone is awesome, and it does everything besides make you a sandwich. There are tons of ways we can integrate your phone into your car to make your life easier (ask us how!). But when it comes to navigation, an in-dash nav system has some pretty big advantages over smartphone navigation apps.

1) Using your phone in your hand while driving isn't safe, and in most places it's just plain illegal. And what happens when an important call comes through? You have to make that crucial decision — ignore Mom and face her wrath, or get lost in the sketchy part of town. Yikes! Using cell phones for GPS is illegal in many states

2) When your map and turn-by-turn directions are on a large screen that never moves from the dash and never changes perspective, there really isn't a more convenient way to get where you need to go. No cell phone service? No problem!

3) Plus, for those of you who enjoy adventuring a little "off the beaten path", the satellite technology behind in-dash navigation does not depend on a mobile internet or network connection of any sort... So even when your 4G phone gets little or no signal, you're never lost!

Navigation is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Today's in-dash navigation systems come with so many advanced features that you can't really compare them to any other standalone device out there.
• Spoken Directions
• MP3/CD/DVD Entertainment
• Built-in Bluetooth
• Extensive Points of Interest Database
• Built-In Gyroscopes to Detect Vehicle Direction
• Live Traffic Services w/ Alternate Route Options
• Satellite/HD Radio
• Big, Easy-to-Use Touchscreens
• Expanded Nav Features


Navigation in-dash is much more than just navigation!

When you get navigation installed, what you're really getting is a complete "infotainment solution" that is conveniently located where it should be: always safely within reach.



Make sure you have a professional install your navigation unit. Your car is complex, so maybe chose a different DIY project and trust this one to professional installers like ours who will make sure your navigation system is installed correctly and safely the first time!