Shopping for a Remote Car Starter

Shopping for a Remote Car Starter

Are you calling around in search of the lowest price on a remote starter? We have a suggestion....Stop NOW. At Stereo West Autotoys we get at least 20 calls per day from people shopping for the lowest price on a remote car starter. Your vehicle is one of your biggest investments, and you drive and use it almost every day. Make sure you make the correct decision, not just the cheapest one. Here are just some things to consider before you purchase your remote car starter.

1. Ask For “Out The Door” Or "Everything Included" Pricing Quotes

We have all heard them on the radio and heard of very low remote car starter pricing. Many shops will have a very low advertised price on a remote starter. That is to entice you to go to them. Here is the sad reality: These are artificially low prices. They won’t tell you about the “data module or bypass module” that is needed to put a remote starter in your vehicle. You wont hear about that until you show up for your appointment. Even worse, sometimes they don’t tell you about it until the job is actually completed, telling you that you owe that amount to pick up your vehicle. At Stereo West Autotoys, though, we include the cost of any and all needed modules, and any extra labor that may be needed, when we quote our pricing. When you factor in that these modules can run anywhere from $120–$150 installed, you may be in for a bit of a surprise. We don’t believe in surprises here at Stereo West Autotoys. We have done the homework for you, once you factor in all the surprise charges Stereo West Autotoys is the best value for your remote car starter purchase.

2. Visit The Shop Doing The Work

You owe it to yourself to visit the shop that is going to work on your vehicle. You want to see the showroom. Is it clean and organized, or dark and dingy? Do they have displays where you can see and use the remote controls they are suggesting? We do.

3. Make Sure The Shop Protects Your Car

We use a detailed check-in and check-out procedure to ensure that your vehicle comes back to you in the same working order as we received it. We have installed over 10,000 remote car starters into customers vehicles, we know what it takes to do it correctly and to have a good experience for our clients.

4. Don’t Let Your Buddy Install Your Remote Starter

Maybe you have a buddy who said he can install your remote starter, so you should just call around for the best deal on the product. We suggest reading THIS article

Also to protect consumers against this, we actually do not offer "just the product". We do this to protect you the consumer, your vehicle, and so we can make sure you have a great remote car starter experience.

5. Make Sure The Shop Maintains Your Warranty

You can also rest assured that your new car warranty is safe when doing business with us. Many of the Omaha areas New Car Dealers even use us to put in remote car starters for their customers.

We Hope We Gave You Some Good Information About The Buying Process For A Remote Starter. Please Consider This Your Official Invitation To Stop By Either Of Stereo West Autotoys Locations With Your Vehicle. One Of Our Highly Trained Staff Will Work One On One With You To Find The Best Solution For Your Needs. Stop By And Let Us Show You Why!

Nov 24th 2019

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