Start your vehicle by phone app with Compustar Drone

Start your vehicle by phone app with Compustar Drone

Start you vehicle with an app on your phone! Unlock , Lock, or Start your vehicle from anywhere you have cell service in the US. We have complete solutions for almost any vehicle, call 402-393-2100 to see if your vehicle is compatible with Compustar Drone by Firstech!

Compustar Drone

About the Compustar Drone Remote Starter

This remote starter is ideal for situations where your vehicle is parked in a parking garage or other areas where using a traditional remote start wont reach. The range of this remote start is anywhere where both the phone and the vehicle have access to cell phone service. A small device is placed right along side the remote starter that tells the remote start to start your vehicle when the device receives a signal via cell 

Compustar Drone

phone to do so. You can also lock and unlock your doors by the phone app as well. This could prove extremely handy if you were to lock your keys in your vehicle. You cold simply use the app or a PC to unlock your vehicle instead of calling and waiting for a locksmith.

Start vehicle via phone app.

Installation included on most vehicles, Call 402-393-2100 to find out if your vehicle qualifies.

Lock and Unlock vehicle via phone app.

Service is just $5.99 a month or $59 a year for basic functions. Upgrade to GPS tracking and advanced features for just a little more.

Free 30 days of initial use.

Expert installation and set up on your phone by our experienced staff.

Works with iphone and Android

Ava liable in the app store and Google store for free download. Must have device installed in your vehicle for the app to function.

Expert Installation

Our expert team of technicians integrate this system into your vehicle at your choice of 2 locations.

7425 Dodge St in Omaha NE

20330 Veterans Dr in Elkhorn NE

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our lifetime warranty and expert staff will guarantee you are completely satisfied with your remote car starter purchase and installation.


Lisa  -  2 APR 2018

"Love my Drone remote starter. I use it almost every day as I get ready for work. I start my car in the bathroom and get a notification right on my phone that my car is warming up!"

Chris - 15 SEP 2018

"Works flawlessly. I park pretty far away and my car is always up and running when I get to it"

Aaron - 18 DEC 2018

"Bought for my wife since she works at the hospital. Works great. Highly recommend. Doug was awesome at showing us how to use it."

Aug 21st 2019 Brian Hampson

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