Learn About Backup Cameras

Eyes in the back of your car?

Save a Bike. Buy a Backup Camera

It’s Monday morning and as you’re backing out of the drivewaymesa-backup.jpg you hear that obnoxious tell tale bump! that lets you know you’ve just hit the neighbor’s trash can again, or the scooter your son left out the night before. You’re a safe driver but you just couldn’t see those things through your standard rearview mirror.

Hitting a trash can or a scooter is one thing but a backup camera is a crucial safety feature for your vehicle. What if it had been your neighbor’s new schnauzer puppy? It’s no wonder that the NHTSA just ruled that starting in 2016, all new cars must have a backup camera system installed. So what if you aren’t planning on buying a new car but you want the safety and convenience of a backup camera in your vehicle? Well, you’re in luck because backup camera systems can easily be installed in cars that didn’t come with that feature.


Types of Backup Camera Systems

You’ll want to discuss with a professional which system makes the most sense for your car. Some options to consider are wired, wireless, view angle (how wide of an angle the camera will capture, image quality, and screen size. Here are some of the most common systems:


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This option gives your vehicle the factory installed look and adds a backup camera seamlessly to your vehicle. Options include tailgate handles, emblems, and vehicle specific brackets.


  Backup Cameras at Stereo West Autotoys 402-393-2100


Just like it sounds, this style is built into your license plate frame or an attachment to the existing license plate mount.
The advantage to this option is that no holes need to be drilled.


  Backup Cameras at Stereo West Autotoys 402-393-2100


This option has a sharp look to it because it’s installed in a way that integrates seamlessly (it lays flush) into your vehicle.

Not a Simple Project

Regardless of the system you choose, this is no task for a DIYer. Special tools and routing of delicate cables underneath the vihicle which are exposed to harsh enviroments are just some of the reasons you will want to seek out a professional for your installation.Trust a professional like us to make sure it’s done right the first time.For more information about this topic and more, please call or visit one of our stores in person.
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