5 Myths about Remote Starters

Top 5 Myths about Remote Car Starters


Every winter, we sell and install thousands of remote starters in Omaha. But every year, we also talk with customers who are wary of remote starters because they've heard mistaken information about how they work. We’ve seen so many happy customers drive away with remote staRemote Car Startersrters from Stereo West Autotoys that we decided to share our expertise and let consumers know the truth out about remote starters.


Myth #1: Getting a Remote Car Starter Will Void Your Warranty

False! Quite the opposite. Many new car dealers actually contract companies to install remote starters for their newest vehicles. If you get a low-quality product or a shoddy installation job, it can harm your vehicle and affect your warranty. Fortunately, the experienced professionals at Stereo West only use the best products and adhere to the highest industry standards of installation.


Myth #2: Remote Car Starters Hurt Your Engine

Actually, allowing the oil in your engine enough time to heat up before you drive in cold weather is good for the engine. Preheating thins the oil and increases the lifespan of your drivetrain.


Myth #3: I can install my own remote car starter, right?

We’ve seen this go wrong so many times. Unless you are a very experienced professional, you can do serious damage both to the remote starter and your vehicle by attempting a do-it-yourself installation. Most cars have very complex electrical systems, so installation requires knowledge of multiplexed wiring and Can-BUS networks. For an expert installation that is guaranteed to satisfy, trust the experts at Stereo West for your remote starter installation.


Myth #4: My car has a manual transmission, so I can’t get a remote starter.

Guess again! Stereo West can install remote starters in manual transmission vehicles.


Snow Covered Cars, Dont be left out in the cold get a Remote Start From Stereo West Autotoys 402-393-2100Myth #5: I can’t get a remote start because I have a diesel engine.

If you are the owner of a diesel engine vehicle, Stereo West can absolutely install a remote starter. Diesel engine owners actually see the biggest benefits from their remote starters because diesel engines take so long to warm up in the colder months.


The verdict is in!

Remote starters are right for you! Stop by Stereo West Autotoys or give us a call to learn how our team can select and install the perfect remote car starter for your vehicle.