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Truck Audio Systems are in Higher Demand than Ever Before


It's no secret that the demand for high quality stereo systems for trucks just keeps going up and up, and for good reason. We all spend a lot of time in our trucks, so we owe it to ourselves to make the most of that time. Back in the day folks didn't really expect much in the way of truck audio, but times sure have changed, and the technology has come a long way.

Of course, it's always important to remember where we started out so that we can appreciate just how far we've come. Do you have memories of sitting in the cab of an older model Ford or Chevy truck, maybe something your dad or grandpa drove? If so, we bet you can remember that chrome monophonic AM radio—and whether it was tuned to the hog futures report or Hank Williams Sr., it always sounded distant and tinny, because that weak little speaker was barely bigger than a silver dollar.

As stereo systems improved over the years, truck audio kept pace. Transistor radios arrived in the early 60s, and by '65, 8-track tape players were on the scene. Stereo and cassette tape players soon followed, becoming ubiquitous in the 70s, and as we rolled through the 80s and 90s we heard the improvements that Bose, in-dash CD players, multiple cd players, sub woofers, and other components had to offer. The last few years, Bluetooth, satellite radio, MP3 players, infotainment systems, and receivers featuring auxiliary inputs have all become common fixtures of stereo systems for trucks.

Considering all of these incredible advances in audio technology, there's absolutely no reason to settle for an AM/FM radio and CD player with a couple of 6-inch speakers in the doors of your truck. According to recent studies, most of us now spend more time listening to music and programming in our automobiles than we do at home, so shouldn't your truck audio be as good as anything you have in your house?

We're currently living in a golden age of trucks, with some of the best models ever created rolling out of dealerships at record rates: the Ford F-Series, the Chevy Silverado and Colorado, GMC's Sierra and Canyon, the Toyota Tacoma and Tundra, and, of course, Ram Trucks are all outstanding vehicles. Yet while they may feature decent factory-installed stereo systems, every single one of them would benefit from an audio upgrade. If you're investing in a truck that nice, it would be a shame not to take it to the next level with a new JVC, Pioneer, or Kenwood receiver, a decent set of JL Audio speakers and a subwoofer to match, and a truck audio amplifier upgrade from Pioneer or JL Audio.

These suggestions are just the tip of the audio iceberg, of course, so come visit Stereo West Auto Toys in Omaha or Elkhorn, Nebraska. We're a national leader in all things automobile, but we're a local team first and foremost, and there's nothing we like more than talking shop with our loyal customers.

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