Backup Displays

Backup Displays

Backup Displays

Backup Camera Screens

Stereo West Autotoys also carries many options to display your backup camera image on a screen either placed on your dashboard, integrated into a mirror, or integrated into an aftermarket in-dash DVD or Navigation system.

More Info:

3 Ways to display your camera

1. On a dash mounted screen

2. On a mirror that replaces your current mirror, the new mirror has a hidden screen behind the reflective material that allows you to see the image when it comes on, kind of like a 1-way security mirror, pretty cool huh!

3. We can display your backup camera on a DVD or Navigation system in the dash of your vehicle. This can be a factory screen or a screen you add from our store. When you put the vehicle in reverse it displays, then when you shift into drive it goes back to normal. Very cool stuff

As with most items we carry, professional installation is recommended for your backup camera screen.