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5 Reasons You Should add Window Tinting to Your Ride


Did you know that window tinting is one of the single most popular aftermarket additions to cars? That's because adding a tint to your ride offers a range of benefits, and has never been more affordable. Here are just five of the main reasons everyone should darken their windows today:

Window tinting greatly reduces the amount of sunlight that can enter your car. The most obvious benefit is that a tint will keep your car cooler during the hot summer months, since less sunlight means less heat. Besides being uncomfortably hot, direct sunlight can be very damaging both to your skin and your car's upholstery—we don't want either of you to crack or warp! The good news is that a window tint can block up to 99% of damaging UV rays, which means that in addition to just having a more comfortable ride, you also have a safer one.

The second big benefit of window tinting is that it offers you privacy and security. Some of us don't like being immediately recognized everywhere we drive, and a decent tint will obviously conceal the contents of the car as well as the driver. Security experts will be the first to tell you that break-ins and car thefts are far more common in cases where the criminal can clearly see the interior of the vehicle—if a crook doesn't know that you have a great sound system or is unsure whether you've got a club on your steering wheel, they will be far more likely to keep looking for an easier target.

Another reason to upgrade to a window tint is that it enhances your car's appearance. If you want to have a truly eye-catching ride, then dark windows are non-negotiable. There's a reason everyone from Kanye to Kid Rock wears sunglasses all the time—they're just plain cool.

The fourth benefit of tinting is another practical concern: darkened windows reduce hazardous glare. Fiddling with your visor or holding up your hand when the sun gets in your eyes isn't particularly effective, and worse still, it distracts you from the road. Window tint film on your rear and side windows will prevent you from ever being blinded, keeping you and your passengers safe.

Finally, window tinting creates an additional barrier between your ride's windows and any road debris that comes flying at you. It basically functions as a scratch-resistant coating, just like you might put over your smart phone's screen. This keeps your car looking fresh for the long haul.

Nobody knows window tinting better than Stereo West Autotoys, so come visit us at our locations in Omaha, NE and Elkhorn, NE. Stereo West Autotoys is a national leader in all things automobile, but we're a local team first. We'll get your ride looking its best!


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