Product Spotlight - JL Audio VXI Amplifiers

Product Spotlight - JL Audio VXI Amplifiers

Jun 12th 2018

JL Audios new VXI lineup of amplifiers include advanced DSP technology to tune your audio system. Our technicians are well trained to integrate with today's vehicles and factory head units. This lets the customer keep the factory look and feel and the factory screen that may control more of the vehicles functions other than audio. Our technicians use that factory system to feed either a summing device like the JL Audio FIX or in some cases directly tie into the factory system with the VXI amplifier inputs. Our trained sales staff and technicians can help you with the exact process when you come in for a consultation for your audio system upgrade. Stereo West Autotoys have installed and tuned many of these new amplifiers and can help you achieve the concert sound you are missing from your current factory system. The VXI amplifier lineup consists of 8 different models to choose from depending on what your vehicle and system upgrade needs.

  • VX600/1i
  • VX1000/1i
  • VX400/4i
  • VX600/2i
  • VX600/6i
  • VX800/8i
  • VX700/5i
  • VX1000/5i

Stereo West Autotoys in Omaha NE has 2 locations to choose from for your car audio  sound and OEM integration upgrades using the latest DSP and Summing technologies.

JL Audio VXI Amplifiers

JL Audio VX700/5i