Clear Shield Pro Paint Protection Film at Stereo West

Clear Shield Pro Paint Protection Film at Stereo West

Aug 16th 2018

Clearshield Paint at Protection Stereo West Autotoys

If you want to protect your vehicle from scratches and stone chips, drop by Stereo West Autotoys in Omaha or Elkhorn and ask about our Clear Shield Pro paint protection film packages. Also known as clear bra, our paint protection film packages protect the appearance and value of your vehicle while remaining almost invisible. Let’s take a close look at the film we use and packages we offer.

Clear Shield Pro film from Solar Gard is a transparent urethane film that adheres directly to your paint surface to absorb impacts from stones, gravel, bugs and more. Unlike wax coatings that are less than 1 micron thick and ceramic coatings that are 2 to 3 microns, our PPF film is 200 microns thick to offer maximum energy absorption. Think of it like wrapping your car’s finish in an invisible layer of bubble wrap.

Not only does the film protect against impact damage, but it also resists chemicals to prevent staining and blemishes. Bug splatter, road tar, bird droppings and soap residue won’t damage the hard surface of the film. The film carries a five-year warranty and won’t yellow, crack or fade. PPF solutions are a great option for leased vehicles.

Clearshield Pro Paint Protection Film

2 Zone Package

The leading edge of your hood and fenders show the majority of damage from stone, gravel and bug impacts. Our 2 Zone package includes three pieces of film: one along the leading edge of your vehicle’s hood and one piece on the forward edge of each fender.

5 Zone Package

Upgrading to our 5 Zone package adds film to the rearview mirrors and in the door handle cups. Scratches and damage from sharp jewelry and fingernails can leave the painted surfaces behind the door handles looking rough. Our film protects your paint and keeps your vehicle looking like new.

7 Zone Package

Stepping up to our 7 Zone package adds protective film to the front bumper of your vehicle. Your bumper is the most susceptible surface on the car when it comes to damage from road debris. Clear Shield Pro paint protection film will help to keep your vehicle looking great and can even guard against scuffs from other vehicles and shopping carts in parking lots. The 7 Zone package also includes door edge film strips to help protect your car and those around from damage in the event a door opens abruptly.

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Expert Installation Services

Our team has the training, procedures and tools required to ensure the installation is flawless every time. We ensure that the film is cut to fit your vehicle surfaces perfectly. We stretch and contour the film for perfect edge-to-edge coverage for maximum protection. Once installed, most clients can’t even tell it’s there.

Protect Your Vehicle at Stereo West Autotoys

Whether you choose from one of our packages or let us customize an installation to your needs to include the roof, headlights, rear bumper or the entire vehicle, the automotive enhancement experts at Stereo West Autotoys have the solutions you need. For more information or to schedule an installation, drop by our store in Omaha or Elkhorn, give us a call at 402-393-2100 or send us an e-mail using our online contact page.