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The Epicenter PLUS by AudioControl Bass processor (Gray)

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    The epicenter® plus by AudioControl Bass processor (Gray)

    bass restoration processor with aux input

    Adding impactful bass to your factory installed system is simple with The Epicenter® Plus.  AudioControl’s newest OEM Interface processor converts your speaker-level signals into high quality pre-amp outputs to give you More Bass, LOUDER!  Plus, you get an auxiliary input for adding secondary sources (like iPods and Satellite Radio). High-impedance Speaker Level Inputs allow you tap off factory speaker leads for simple addition of aftermarket subwoofers to any factory audio system.  AudioControl’s exclusive GTO TM  Signal Sense Turn-on and corresponding 12-volt Remote Output provide the turn-on lead for aftermarket amplifiers. In addition to speaker-level inputs, The Epicenter Plus has line-level inputs for use with aftermarket systems. Give your subwoofers the juice to go lower and hit harder.  The Epicenter Plus uses a bass circuit to drive your subwoofers lower, grabbing the attention of every eye on the boulevard.


    • Patented Bass Restoration Circuitry
    • Speaker-Level Inputs for Integration with Factory Audio Systems
    • Auxiliary Input for iPod’s, MP3 players or Satellite radio tuners
    • GTO™ Signal Sensing Inputs for Automatic Turn-on
    • Bass Maximization Circuitry
    • 12 volt trigger output
    • Dash mount control
    • PFM Subsonic Filter
    • Balanced Pre-amp inputs

    Jealous of all the bumpin' bass you hear in hip hop, rap, and EDM? Well you can put that deep, biting bass into your classic rock or Tejano music with an AudioControl Epicenter Plus bass processor. Most radios and MP3 players produce compressed and bass-less music, so when you do add a subwoofer, there're no low notes to play. The Epicenter Plus will bring them back.

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